1) Eggless Cakes
    4 April, Saturday (10:30am - 1pm)

If you don’t tell, no one knows these delicious cakes are actually eggless! Perfect to use as birthday or any party cakes.

Simple ingredients, simple method but sophisticated taste!

- Belgium chocolate cake
- Red velvet cake
- Vanilla with chocolate chips cake

- Member: RM120 
- Non-member: RM180 (+1 year free membership)

2) Character Macarons!
    5 April, Sunday (10:15am – 12:30pm)

Learn classic round + BONUS Character macarons! 

A combination of Italian + French method. Fool-proof. Perfect for beginners!

- Member: RM130
- Non-member: RM190 (+1 year free membership)

3) Best Homemade Breads!
    12 April, Sunday (1pm – 3:30pm)

Fresh breads made without adding preservatives.

From making the dough, proofing, shaping, baking..all will be shared in class.

Don’t miss our:
- Soft white buns
- Roti boy buns (coffee paste)
- Cinnamon butter rolls

- Member: RM120
- Non-member: RM180 (+1 year free membership)

4) All Butter Cakes!
18 April, Saturday (10:30am – 1pm)

Butter is everyone’s best friend when it comes to desserts.

Learn 3 ever popular butter based cakes!

1) Pure butter cake
2) Lemon butter cake
3) Fruit pound cake

- Member: RM130
- Non-member: RM190 (+1 year free membership)

5)  French Pastries!
19 April, Sunday (12:30pm – 4pm)

Want to bake like a French?

Learn to home-make French croissant and danish pastries.  Made with pure butter.

Includes dough recipe, easy method of folding and rolling. Perfect for beginners.

- Member: RM150 
- Non-member: RM200 (+1 year free membership)

6) Buttercream Cake
    26 April, Sunday (1pm – 4pm)

Learn to bake + decorate a whole cake to bring home!

Perfect as birthday parties or any special occasions.

First you will learn to bake your own delicious chocolate cake.

Then learn a homemade buttercream recipe.

Learn to coat your cake.

And lastly, pipe borders and roses to decorate your masterpiece.

- Member: RM200
- Non-member: RM250(+1 year free membership)