1) Christmas cakes!
- 1 December, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Learn to bake fresh pumpkin cake and fresh carrot cake, that are healthy and perfect for christmas or any parties!
- Bonus: learn to make homemade cream cheese frosting which is a perfect match for the both cakes!
- Fee: A below

2) Macarons!
- 8 December, Saturday
- 11am to 1:30pm
- Learn to bake classic round macarons. Bonus: learn to turn a plain round macaron into a Charater macaron!  With our easy to follow step by step method, you can now bake your own macarons at home!
- Fee: A below

3) Christmas yule log (swiss rolls)
- 8 December, Saturday
- 2pm to 4:30pm
- Our recipe for swiss roll is one that is easy to roll. Made with natural ingredients. Both adults and children will love these soft rolled cakes. Turn the swiss roll into a christmas yule log using fresh cream and decorate with christmas ornaments.
- Fee: A below

4) Fondant Cake! (Bake + Decorate)
- 9 December, Sunday
- 1pm to 4pm
- Learn: 1) Learn to bake a moist chocolate cake. 2) Learn to cover the cake with fondant. 3) Learn to handmould fondant charaters such as 3D teddy and roses. 4) Learn to decorate. Perfect for birthday and special occasions.
- Fee: B below

5) Best Homemade Breads!
- 15 December, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- In class, learn our most popluar combination of homemade breads: French baguette, soft white buns, wholemeal buns
Fee: A below

6) Best Seller Cakes!
- 16 December, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Our all-time favourites: Belgium chocolate, red velvet and fairy vanilla (made into cakes and cupcakes!)
- Must-try!
- Fee: A below

7) Chocolate desserts!
- 22 December, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- 1) Devil chocolate cake 2) Fragrant chocolate chip cookies 3) Chocolate ganache as frosting! Learn to bake chocolate desserts which are everyone’s favourites.
- Fee: A below

8) Buttercream Cupcakes! (Bake + Decorate)
- 23 December, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Bake our best seller chocolate cupcakes. Then learn to whip up cream to the correct consistency and fool-proof.  Finally, learn piping techniques i.e. different types of rose swirls onto your own cupcakes to bring home!
- Fee: A below

9) Best Homemade Breads 2
- 30 December, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Another of our fresh breads series that you should not miss! 1) Cinnamon rolls 2) Italian herb foccacia (can be used as pizza base too) 3) Soft multigrain butter buns
- Fee: A below

FEE for each class:
- A: RM120 member / RM180 non-member (including 1-year membership)
- B: RM200 member / RM250 non member (including 1 year membership)