1) Cookie & Brownies!
- 2nd June, Saturday
- 11am to 1:30pm
- You will learn to bake 2 very delicious desserts: Butter swirl macadamia cookies and  dark chocolate cake-type brownies
- Hands-on. Halal. Best served for parties, door gifts, tea treats or just as a delicious snack!
- Fee: A below

2) Best Homemade Breads!
- 3rd June, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Learn our most popluar combination of homemade breads: French baguette, soft white buns, wholemeal buns
- Hands-on. Halal. Make fresh breads with no added preservatives. All natural and delicious!
- Fee: A below

3) Best Seller Cakes!
- 9th June, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Belgium chocolate, red velvet and fairy vanilla (all can be made into cakes and cupcakes!)
- Hands-on. Halal. Our all time best sellers, perfect for any happy occasions.
- Fee: A below

4) Buttercream + Fondant Cake!
- 10th June, Sunday
- 1pm to 4pm
- Bake a luscious, less sweet chocolate cake. Then, learn the technique of covering the cake with whipped buttercream.  Also learn to pipe borders like shells, rope designs.  Then, decorate the top with fondant to complete a whole cake! You will make, decorate and bring home your individual 6 inch cake home.
- Hands-on. Halal. Learn to bake and decorate with both buttercream & fondant. You don’t have to buy from stores anymore!
- Fee: B below

5) Classic Fruit Cake & Butter Cake!
- 16th June, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- Let's bake 2 all-time favourites : classic fruit cake (perfect for Raya, Christmas, Wedding or any parties) and classic pure butter cake (everyone’s favourite).
- Hands-on. Halal. Our version of fruit cake is halal. However, we will share in class how to add on alcohol at home and for Muslims: the best substitute for alcohol.
- Fee: A below

6) Skinny & Delicious Desserts!
- 17th June, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- 3 healthy yet very delicious desserts: Fresh potato buns,  fresh pumpkin buns, fresh banana and almond muffins
- Hands-on. Halal. We never compromise the deliciousness of our bakes.  And all are made with pure, natural and healthy ingredients: fresh fruits and vegetables!
- Fee: A below

7) Royal Icing Decorating
- 23rd June, Saturday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- You will learn to make homemade royal icing (recipe included) and tint into colours. You will then practice both border, lettering and flooding; on prepared cookies. This homemade icing will dry in 10-15 after decorating!
- Hands-on. Halal. Can be used to decorate cupcakes, macarons and cakes too!
- Fee: A below

8) Classic  Macarons!
- 24th June, Sunday
- 1pm to 3:30pm
- In class, bake pure and natural chocolate macarons. Using same method, you can make coloured ones at home! Chocolate ganache filling recipe will be given too.
- Hands-on. Halal. Recipes given for both natural (no colouring) and with colouring. With our easy to follow step by step method, you can now bake your own macarons at home!
- Fee: A below

9) French Pastries
- 30th June, Saturday
- 1pm to 4:30pm
- In class, you will bake French croissant and danish pastries.
- Hands-on. Halal. Made with pure butter and a handful of natural / easy to get ingredients. Home and hand-made, make at home with our easy step-by-step method
- Fee: B below

FEE for each class:
- A: RM120 member / RM180 non-member (including 1-year membership)
- B: RM250 member / RM280 non member (including 1 year membership)